We were never going to be those guys..

I ripped my very first computer apart to learn how it worked.

Years later, I'm still making computers do what I want, and I am very pleased to offer you the smartest automated listing system in the market and it's all backed by Compadre's certified real estate digital marketing.®

We are a Different Broker. Yes, Our fees our lower but we are not a discount broker. In fact, we do more for you than most agencies...a lot more.

Like marketing for real.

Putting a house in the MLS is not a marketing strategy. We guarantee thousands of views.

I was a perfectly respectable mortgage banker for very long time and thought real estate agents were a necessity at best, a nuisance at worst. That's how much of the public feels today.

We were never going to be that company.

Please take the time to get to know us; explore our listing options and the technology and marketing mix we bring into the room.

Then make your decision about who should sell your house.

I'm also a licensed mortgage loan originator with thousands of deals closed. Have questions? Let's talk.

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$200 MIL





Home Equity Report

Get your value. We'll do the rest.

Be smarter and win. Yes, it is a competition.

Take Advantage

Get Multiple Cash Offers

Never settle for just one offer.

Instant / Cash Offers

Through our relationships, our team will bring you multiple offers from vetted local buyers as well as national buyers

Enter your address

Create your seller dashboard

Compare offers

Pick your offer and set your close date

Understand Values

Our goal is to deliver the best valuation products in real estate. We not only provide multiple valuation sources but we give you the ability to engage and adjust.

Listing Options

The way real estate is sold has changed. There are multiple ways to list and sell and it is important to understand the benefits of all options.

Multiple Cash/ Instant Offers

Cash/ Instant offers are a big part of real estate and as a seller it is important to be able to receive multiple cash/ instant offers and understand the benefits of each.

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